Quotes About Grandmas

Quotes About Grandmas


Grandma, thank you for your concern and kindness that you so generously showered me as a child! And now it's my turn and just take care of you. I promise to come as often as possible. I love you very much. Happy birthday, dear my grandmother!

Native my grandma! I hasten to congratulate you on your happy birthday! Sorry, but I do not remember how many years you have turned. But you always look 18! I wish never to grow old, and always stay the same young and unbeatable! Good luck and prosperity! I love you very much!

Let today for you, my dear grandmother, the sun shines even brighter than usual. Let stronger heart beats only happiness and tears flow only joy! I congratulate you on your Birthday, very much love you!

My favorite grandma, accept my congratulations today. Thank you for your concern and tenderness, thanks for the delicious cakes, and good advice. Happy Birthday, dear, I wish you excellent health, long life and excellent mood every day!

Unconditional love that we give to their loved ones, always comes back to us a hundredfold. You, Granny never skupylasya on warm feelings, and for that you all love and adore! Today is your birthday! I congratulate you, and wish you great happiness, excellent health and high spirits!

Happy Birthday, beloved grandmother! May this day be filled with thy good smiles and kind words! Let surrounded by loved ones, and delight you with our care! With all my heart I wish you peace of mind, material prosperity, long life and of all desires!

Grandma! Today you notes birthday! I heartily congratulate you on your wonderful holiday! I want to be fit and healthy, cheerful and happy, always make it all, and always enjoy life! Let your every day be full of warmth and love! Happy Birthday!

Along with the sun every morning you meet a new day. About us take care, we love, adore. And you do not even realize how dear to us. May you all be well! Health and inspiration you wish our beloved grandmother! Happy Birthday!

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