Birthday poems for boyfriend

Birthday poems for boyfriend


The actions of people always louder their words. They say a true thoughts and feelings of a person who can not hide words. All I say to that today, when our friend (name) birthday, we threw all his affairs, prychepurylys and came to greet him. So let's have a drink for him, for our friend and our meeting with him!

When I was very young, my friend decided to show me how to catch up on the bar. But he has blundered with his hands and showed me how to break a hand. Since we are not following anyone. So let's raise glasses to no damage our friendship is ruined!

Dear friend, Let me express to you my gratitude for the attention that you pay me, my character is not easy. Thank you for understanding and not part of my simple fate. You're a true and loyal friend, and I sincerely want to congratulate you on the occasion.

Friend! Today, such a lovely day I wish you happiness, health, luck and success! As Pythagoras said: "Live with people so that your friends do not become enemies, and enemies become friends." Happy Birthday!

My friend expensive, most reliable, best. How much we're experienced in this life: there were quarrels, and troubles, and great fun days, but our friendship has survived all! And I want to tell you thanks for your support and understanding. Remain the same cheerful and fun, and despite all their problems, be able to smile in the world, and you know, the answer he always smiles and you!

Scientists say that the human brain to the birth of a completely formed. So let's raise glasses for you and your newly formed brain!

My dear friend, I want to congratulate you with Happy Birthday and wish you courage and perseverance. Take everything from life that is possible, because we all knowingly given. And remember that life is not given twice and live a fun and carefree, but the thing will not forget. Happiness to you.

Dear friend. I hasten to congratulate you with Happy Birthday and I wish you to on your path of life there was no interference. May you be strong family friendly and loving wife and many loyal and trusted friends.

Birthday - a reason to come to the man and say that is the heart. So, I declare with a clear conscience: I heart the joy of what you, dear birthday is in the world. What do you decorate our lives come to the rescue and just love to live. Thank you for everything and for that thou hast gathered us all together.

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