Best birthday message to my mother

Best birthday message to my mother


With 65m Happy Birthday, Mom!
We wish wisdom, kindness and generosity. To health did not allow failure. The mood was always on top. The family shall be the warmth and comfort.

bright ray of sun you fill our every day inspires the heart kindness and joy. You give us your wisdom when we make mistakes, you give us your grace, in the days when we were bad. And throughout the life path you protects us from troubles, failures and other situations. Your love is felt in everything, in every moment of my existence. And no one on earth deserves more respect and gratitude than my mother! We love you, Mom! Happy anniversary!

Pretty mommy!
Today is a special day, today I want to tell you that you - the most beautiful, kindest, wisest, and most importantly, the favorite woman on earth. And yet, I want to congratulate you on the anniversary and wish you remain the same exceptional woman!

Today, the anniversary of our mother, we welcome it and raise their glasses in her honor, we wish you all the best and tell her heartfelt thanks for the love, care and affection she bestowed to us all these years! Pretty mommy! You're the same beautiful, slender and you laugh like a young girl - truly carefree and you - a ray of sun to us and when you're near, we feel really happy! We wish you many years, even beauty does not fade, health fails, a good mood every day and helps you work and relax!

Dear mother!
All close relatives and people greet you with the next anniversary! We are happy to say that since the last few anniversaries you had changed - still remain in great shape. You just attractive, easy-going, independent, self-sufficient, independent. Still inspires men by their example and their active lifestyle in the most vivid and desperate actions. Today we want to tell you that I appreciate you for your hard work, responsibility, for the ability to love and forgive much. We wish you excellent health and every success, happiness and understanding in the family, peace and prosperity. Happy anniversary!

Words can not say so,
says heart. And listening to it, I want to tell you, my dear, that you mean a lot unthinkable in my life, and even if it is invisible from the outside, believe me - it is! I wish you to be the same as you were for me always - beautiful, good, very, very, very ... Happy anniversary you!

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