Happy birthday daddy poems

Happy birthday daddy poems


For me this came very special day, the birthday of my beloved daddy! I very much love you and know you just love me! I am on this day, I wish you inspiration! For inspiration came suddenly, and not leave you for a moment! I want you to always smile and heart that you had joy! You ideal for me! And I am proud that you are my father! Be happy dad!

I wish you, my beloved daddy to all that you planned, always zbuvalosya! For all the problems are gone away by themselves and no longer appear in your life! Happy Birthday my dear father, all the most beautiful words on earth can not describe what I love and who you perfect father! Let all your endeavors, bring you great success! And I wish for you only happiness. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad! In this light holiday I wish you ocean full of success, love, warmth and care, as well as the sea is full of ideas and aspirations of yours, I wish you the river that would be able to point you the right way, and of course the lake was filled with thy innermost dreams. I want to see everything that you would not take it - you came out, and if not, know that you can always count on the support. But this, so would like to you accompanied by a life of love and luck, health and happiness to the people who surround you in life and deserve with bright thoughts, with pure hearts.

Dear dad. Thank you for what you have in my life. Because I'm not looking for anything I can turn to you for sympathy and advice. Father - is the main man in the life of every child, that he lay understanding of how to handle a real man. And I was lucky that I had a real, really worth like courage. On this special day I would like to wish you happiness and warm days near. To what do you plan zbuvalosya sure, but the main thing that you surrounded by people who really love you.

Happy Birthday most perfect and best man in the world! It's no secret that the father is the most important model of courage and with it we compare all these men. Often it is better not find what happened to me. Thank you, Father, because you gave me a happy and memorable childhood that was next to me in the difficult moments that shared with me the joy. Thank you for the advice that saved me more than once. Well, I wish you well, perhaps only his own happiness to you like wandering the ship in the ocean found its concerns island of happiness and peace, which moored.

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