Happy 50th birthday cards

Happy 50th birthday cards


Half a century - a significant age. You no longer run the risk of not doing fine, busy errors. Even if mistakes - that serious!
So gone are the days when looking at girls as a child in a candy store you wanted to try everything. But you already know how to make women think of you day and night. It comes from years of experience - you just need to take a woman more money as long as possible and not to give!
While you and he know that the older man is, the more time he spends with his wife. And with his.
What you wish for an anniversary? You all are! Is that to get the Nobel Prize. A trifle, but nice!

Today we gather at this table, because you anniversary! We are glad to welcome you on this holiday and want to wish you on this glorious day a great success, lots of bright sunny days a year, never frown and live a hundred years!

Oh, anniversary, anniversary is a sweet and gentle word. How much joy and endless, exciting fun he always brings. And you're already in anticipation of dazzling and dizzying party marking the perfect holiday - the anniversary. You expect compliments intoxicating sea, breathtaking and a little dizzy. Also all always look forward to receiving a gift, especially on the day of the anniversary. But not only material able to deliver presents no secret of joy and pleasure, but also words of greeting with a lot of weight in this festive, fabulous mess. Therefore, the choice greetings in the event of a beautiful and charming anniversary come up with great care and veredlyvistyu, well, quite a bit. After all, you do not want, what would your respects was like that - the default template. Therefore, we strongly recommend you pay a closer look at our congratulations on the anniversary, which contained a special section of the site called "Happy anniversary in prose." Here we will try to surprise you and that someone is assigned this beautiful and lovely greetings on anniversary. You can pick up a greeting for all ages, as we always try to consider all the personal characteristics of the person, including age. Indeed, in every age wishes words and their meaning may vary and answer period of his life. And we will be infinitely pleased and happy if you become a little bit happier getting a gift for our anniversary greeting !!

That went unnoticed your holiday, anniversary and more! I want a zero, which is at the end of the numbers obnulyv all your problems, failures, errors, and all negative. Set counter to zero and start to act. As they say start life from scratch. I wish you a luxury life, if problems, just from the fact that you will not know where to spend money, or what car to drive today. If something tears naturally only of joy or of deranged movie. If anger, only on what you order you vanilla cake and bring a banana. To everything in life was simple and clear. To say with certainty, but that it ... my life is great! Happy anniversary.

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