Happy birthday mom wish you all the best

Happy birthday mom wish you all the best


Dear mother!
How much you did for me, for that I love you very much and appreciate! I want you to always remain the same beautiful and cheerful, kind and gentle. May the joy and happiness flowing wide river, and the trouble and old age pass by!

Mum, my dear!
This holiday was created especially for you. But you could not just me grow, you could make me a man! What you do not dospala nights through me, but because I have experienced anxiety and excitement!
I want to wish you on this day, never your eyes filled with tears not, and your face is not touched by the shadow of disappointment and failure. Every day for you begins with happy smiles and that you lived so long as there is eternity. You so need me, my dear!

Lovely mom!
I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you never get sick, do not get old, always remain the same young, beautiful and happy! Let your light and life flows quietly as flowing river, let nothing you will not lack! And I will always love you and care about you! Today, I again want to say a big thank you to you with low bow to thank you for all that you have done for me, for your kindness, care and affection. Please always the same cheerful and active and live a long time, not to the slogan in your windows shine, and I'll try more provedyvat you, that you sorrow not, and did not bother. Beloved mother, accept my sincere wishes of all good and beautiful!

Miles my mum!
Let your every day be warmed by warm words and filled with joy, love and care! You really need us and happy moments and sad moments. We always feel your presence in any circumstances and it is expensive! We want you to always been healthy, happy, and if you look zatumanyt tear, only that it was tears of joy! Happy your birthday!

We all live on this earth only by our mothers. They brought up and raised us as we are, and, dare I mention it is not bad, once the world still exists. His life and fate I owe you, Mom. I congratulate you, my dear, live long and light warms us with its warmth and we will return to you a hundredfold heat!

Favorite us, dear mother. I warmly congratulate you on coming New Year. We do not forget, as always you happy with us holidays, bought us gifts, quietly put under the Christmas tree, but we all believe in the fairy tale. Thank you, my dear, for a happy childhood, colorful festivals, good memories. I sincerely wish happiness, luck and love in life.

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