Happy birthday poems

Happy birthday poems


Thee 30-year anniversary I want to congratulate.
You're old enough and she can administer their own destiny. But, nevertheless, I want to congratulate you. I want you I wish that life took on only the positives and negatives turned you back.
This day we congratulate
our beautiful birthday girl! On the 18 th anniversary! I want to wish: the sky, good luck, success, tender happiness! Let fulfilled that conceived! Let your beauty shine brighter every day!

On this festive day, the day of your 30th anniversary,
Let flower meadow fascinate you not only dream, but in reality, a sincere greeting friends inspire emotion and happy tears. Fear not seem weak, because only the strong can show their feelings without fear. Our age and date anniversaries - it's only a small sign for the origin of new, happy events.

Congratulations on a wonderful holiday
Congratulations on a wonderful holiday like spring, girl! You air, gentle, affectionate, charming and good! Stay the same and let all your deepest desires fulfilled! You're worthy of the best that is in this world!

I congratulate you
I congratulate you and wish most important in the life of every girl that comes in the sweetest dreams, what is so difficult to achieve in real life and what you can talk for hours. I want you to always be first in exclusive sales!

Road yuvilyarka
Road yuvilyarka! Your 18th anniversary was a great reason for friends to gather family and friends for the holiday table.
And to this day, Please accept my sincere greetings and good wishes, gratitude and true love.
Despite concerns that lay on your fragile shoulders, you have always been for us a stronghold of tolerance, gentleness, goodness.

In a team you are not just running, but as it belongs only to you - with great tact, charm, patiently and responsibly, creatively and with the impact of physical and mental strength. We are always happy to come to your welcoming and comfortable home where there is tenderness and care. And on that day please accept our wishes.
Good luck and good luck and new achievements, peace and prosperity in the house of love and beauty!

In life there are many bright and happy days
But the day when you came into being - special. On the 18 th anniversary! I want throughout your life you remained as charming, really happy and unfading woman. You're able to radiate as much energy and positive that it unwittingly infected all those lucky enough to be present in your existence. So all the same as ever! Happy Birthday!

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