Birthday greeting cards for dad

Birthday greeting cards for dad


Today I have the opportunity to welcome the most unique person in the world. The man whom I admire and cherish, because I know him from childhood. Fortunately, I know him very well, so he was able to learn a lot, which allowed me to become those who I am. Happy Birthday, Dad!
I want to all who gathered at this table to say thanks to his father for a memory of childhood - those pictures that make up the kaleidoscope of happiness; for our warm cozy home; for mother's smile; for the knowledge, skills and experience, which he handed to me; and timely "back plate", of course, too.
Dad, I want you to be successful and wise, and always feel healthy and happy. For you!

Dear Dad! Let the evil tongues say that the parental instinct is only a parent, you all my life refutes this view, educating and teaching, loving and encouraging, sometimes scolding, but always as an example of how a man should behave, husband, father. I warmly greet you a Happy Birthday! I wish that you always have enough health to all your plans. May you have enough patience and inspiration, strength and enthusiasm to carry everyday difficulties. I wish that your sense of humor you will not leave, and she smiled Fortune you more in return. Be healthy and happy, and we try to bring you now a joy and pride. Congratulations to you!

Dear Dad! My dear daddy! Happy Birthday to you! I want to open a secret all (I have no secrets from you: you yourself taught me to be honest in all things, and so today I admit): I'm not afraid not afraid! Your apparent harshness - just a way to hide the mischievous smile that lights up on your face every time you see me. Believe me, I really appreciate it, and so heartily congratulate you.

Dear our beloved father, the owner of our souls and our ideal! Congratulations to you
Happy Birthday! Usually we listen to you, but today I want you to be picked up and listened to us patience, and want to say too much ... We adore you and want
to long life that you want, bring joy and inspiration!
Let your healthy body is always healthy and spirit and Mental Health
allows you to enjoy all the pleasures of life!
We wish bright impressions, successful business took off, lots of fun with interesting companions, friends, wins in all competitions, including disputes wonderful, adventurous life! Live to the fullest and anything does not deny! We wish you always bathe in the glow of our love, and constantly immersed in the vast expanses of her unique happiness!

Father! Today you have a holiday! You pomolodshav One year! I am proud and admire you! Thy kindness and decency, by your concern for us and selfless dedication! In the difficult moments of life and times of joy, we come to you. To keep warm in the glow of your good eye to share their successes, to get support and advice! Dear Daddy! I congratulate you on the day you were born! I wish you good health, youthfulness and mischief, light and joy. Let you close always just good people! Let troubles and diseases are a party! Good luck, days without troubles and adversity! Congratulations!

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