Romantic birthday greetings for her

Romantic birthday greetings for her


Dear ___________!
In life there are many bright and happy days, but the day when you came into being - special. I want throughout your life you remained as charming, really happy and unfading woman. You're able to radiate as much energy and positive that it unwittingly infected all those lucky enough to be present in your existence. So all the same so ever! Happy Birthday!

Every year we celebrate the day when the Lord gave us life, and today we celebrate this event in our friends. Stay beautiful and charming! Of course, hardly enough tonight to all of us, your friends will be able to express all that we want to wish you, but to be brief, it is - happiness, but huge health, but strong, world, but only light and love, but true. Happy Birthday, dear!

Talking compliments the woman - a real pleasure for men and birthday - just another reason to tell her how beautiful and charming man is the birthday girl. We wish her great happiness women, more positive emotions, understanding the family and at work, good health and unfading beauty, both internal and external. Happy Birthday!

Of course, many women try to hide their age, thinking that over the years of fading beauty and charm dissolves in the wilds of life. This statement is absolutely not our birthday today. Always young, and the soul of a sweet and good woman - this is only a brief description of it. So Stay away so throughout his life, let you always surrounded by a loyal and devoted friends, career always comes up just as bad and useless forever remain outside of your existence. Health, success, peace and all the things that you have always dreamed of. Happy Birthday!

Let me congratulate you on this wonderful holiday - the Day when celebrated your birth. Everything generously lives of their pets, must necessarily fall to your feet. Throughout your life path Remain the same wise, kind and beautiful woman. The family consists let everything just the way you yourself dream. Health, wealth and always just blue. Happy Birthday!

Road, on the day you were born, we are your friends, we want to wish you all only the good. Let your beauty which you enchant the hearts of men, blooming as long as possible, and your life is surrounded by only the most dedicated people. Peace of mind, understanding friends, relaxing family life and positive sea. Be happy!

Over time, changing ideals of feminine beauty, but has always been and will be a valuable true femininity. What is it? Describe this difficult: it's graceful movements and radiant smile and charming voice and shining eyes ... And now I'm glad I congratulate the birthday of the woman who is the true embodiment of femininity. I want you to always remain the same radiant, cheerful, charming beautiful, and always be loving and loved, and very, very happy!

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