Happy birthday grandpa poems

Happy birthday grandpa poems


I do not have rights closest, but with you I can really open up and show the true you. You help me in difficult times, give advice ... You're wise and good, my beloved grandfather! I wish you a happy birthday and wish not to grow old soul that does not hurt, do not get sick!

Birthday of beloved grandfather - is always a reason for kind words and good wishes and so that the whole family gathered together at a large table! Grandpa, I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday! I wish you good health, which can only be understanding and attention loved ones and comfort in the house and infinitely generous to share happy years!

Grandfather, dear and beloved in your lovely Birthday let me congratulate you with all my heart and wish only the best in life! I wish you great happiness, light joy, good health, wonderful moments and well-being. May your life always illuminates the moments of happiness!

Raising a glass of champagne, I will not now speak lush, flowery speeches. I just want to raise a glass of the birthday of my grandfather, in his honor, and say a few words. My grandfather - a wonderful man. He was a member of a simple soldier, and when he returned home and created strong family and was able to raise children with good people. I suggest everyone to drink for that my grandfather lived a hundred years and have always been healthy and vigorous, because the world so much interesting and it is certain to be many more important things!

In good fairy-tale characters help the good wizards, and very often they are elderly. Birthday my grandfather I want to sincerely thank him for what he has always helped me wise advice, as a good magician! I welcome dear grandfather on his birthday and wish him long years -dovhyh good health, many happy days and good memory!

Our grandfather's family is not only respected for gray hair, but also love, because who but he is ready to listen to any of us, to advise what to do, and just have a heart! I am very pleased that our grandfather kept in his heart, warmth and love for each loved one, and I want all of us and myself to greet him on his birthday and wish to live, beloved by all, a hundred years!

Time periods youth behind many young people do not even realize what was in those years when a person needs all the courage and fire in the heart in order to save your house, save a family, raise children. Therefore, we, the youth, can learn from the elderly! Your family and close all welcome you to yet another birthday, dear grandfather, live and be happy every day, all young at heart!

I can not imagine my family, if it was not my grandfather ... he told us kids stories, which are not written, and stories from his life, surprising tale of all ... He taught us not to hang nose and fight for that expensive ... his Birthday I wish my grandfather home longevity, good health and good spirits! At all times respect the wise men of old, respected their gray hair and wisdom. And it's absolutely true! Dear grandpa! In your Birthday you young as well as many years because you are young in heart and your eyes shine fun and a little naughty, I know you still have the strength pobavyty and our grandchildren! Live happily ever after, but we will always love and respect you!

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