Poem from Daughter to Mom

Poem from Daughter to Mom


Mother - gentle and tender as the first ray of the morning sun. My mother - she is young, beautiful and loved by the world. My mother - a fairy, always knows how to surprise and please and always a surprise that will be remembered forever. Mom, I love you very much! Birthday wish you all the very bright and beautiful in life!

Lovely mom! Today is your birthday, I want to be there and keep your hands warm in your hands! You for me the ideal woman, the best mom in the world. I wish you to meet only good people do not know evil and to be loved!

Mom! On the day of your birthday I wish you find true friends, attentive children, beloved, not strict superior, high wages and women's happiness! I am behind you miss and love you!

Dear mother! I congratulate you on the day you were born! Thank you, my dear, with love and care! Live happily ever after! Counsel of his children and grandchildren! Joy herself! Hail to the sun and rain, wind and snow first! Enjoy life! Health to you, mom, long successful years!

Dear mother! I congratulate you on your birthday. You gave me life. You nedosypala nights while I was a kid, you're worried about my cold and nervous about my twos, and even now, when I have long grown up, you still hvylyuyeshsya for my success. I would like to thank you, and what can only thank the holy mother's love? So I ask you one thing: Take care of yourself! We all try not to disappoint you and make your life as comfortable as possible; and thou still the one for whom I and all of us turn our mountains!

Today my beloved mother birthday. And to this day I do not want her to do ... and just say "Thank you". Thank you for the life that you gave me. Thank you for the joy that you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for your concern, what are you surrounded me. Thank you for the happiness and love that you taught me to appreciate, to give and receive. Thank you for each day in which the sun is shining and your smile. Thank you for every day that you're with me. Thank you for you next. Thank you for everything. That's it - you. In me, in my actions, in my words. You're the best. Happy birthday, dear.

Mom loved, Happy Birthday to you! Today is your day, when around flowers and compliments, warmest greetings words, lots of smiles and pure happiness. You I have the most beautiful, the most intelligent and sensible, you're the ideal woman, which I rivnyayusya early childhood. So let this day come true fondest dreams, deepest desires. Please always great to excellent health allowed you to enjoy every passing day. I am proud that I have this, and we're so similar. May your path always be strewn with fragrant flowers, and a guardian angel always accompanies you and will not make a wrong step. You're in my best! Congratulations to you! Your loving daughter.

Dear mother! I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you health, happiness and joy, let your heart live love always! I love you and want you to be always in good spirits, that in your beautiful eyes shone with more joy and a smile played on his lips! Have you got your soul be light and easy, and life will be more pleasant events, interesting meetings and happy moments. And yet - I thank destiny that I have such a good mom. Thank you all, and God forbid you health and a long happy life!

You, Mom, I have the most beautiful in the world. None dearer than you, because of you joining us indissoluble bond that never disappears. You are my guardian angel. So let me today also mentally congratulate you with the brightest holiday - Happy Birthday! I want you, I always genuinely smiling. That no disease has affected you and accompany you excellent health throughout life. Let your beauty not wither with age, however, give you grace. I love you infinitely, because thou in me is so wonderful. Let understanding in our family always warms your soul, and colleagues at work are valued and respected. Congratulations to you, dear mother!

Mom, light and very dear person in my life. As if women are not upset that the years of their youth is, for me, your birthday - will always be the best and most important holiday! After all, this is the day when the world was a man with my existence would be impossible. I wish you good health, because everything else you have - your children, your happiness, beauty, living in each, wealth - your family and friends. We will always be there to please you in everything and maintain love. Syay in your holiday, we sincerely welcome all of you! Suppose today you will be only a good mood, fragrant flowers and kind words!

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