Happy Birthday to a mother

Happy Birthday to a mother


Mom native you the most precious thing in this wide world. You gave us life and love you keep our home. You take care of us from birth to the present day. Let us express our gratitude for your concern and accept our love and respect.

Lovely Mamus! In this bright day, the day you were born I want to wish you a long and happy life. Let only joyful and happy days will always be thy companions in life, and I will always be next to you, at any moment.

Our road, a great mom. We love you so. As every year, heartily congratulate you with Happy Birthday. You for us - a source of warmth and kindness. Stay young at heart, active and cheerful, and most importantly - great!

Dear mother! On your birthday I wish you good mood, spices, favorite colors, cheerful smiles and happiness! You for me - the indispensable man! Thank you for what you have!

My favorite is my mom! I want to congratulate you on March 8 and wish that every day was happy and lovely and spring like! In the same heat, light and happy! Let the sun shine to you and warm your delicate eyes! I love you very much and appreciate!

Mommy, mother, greet you a happy birthday. I want the life you bestowed many pleasant and warm days filled with happiness and joy. Let your heart overflowing lust for life, enjoy it and be happy flowers, singing birds, the success of the children! I love you very much, my dear Mamula!

Dear mother! I congratulate you on your Birthday. Thank you for your kindness, caring and love. I want you to have your life was all good: health durable, always a good mood at work peace and stability and harmony in the family always and comfort.

Dear mother your house, we never close as we're going there, then the noise and bustle. For you to have an island of hope and happiness, where we can always come in moments of joy and sorrow. Please also our mother always great fun happy and accept our love.

Dear mother, was gone, but by you! You're also beautiful, cute, sweet, charming and attractive! I want you so wish, but words just can not describe! I wish thee only one - large and women's happiness! Happy Birthday my favorite!

Mummy dear, let the fragrance of flowers and donated to our attention, loving you children, and give pleasant moments of great happiness, happy birthday, dear We love you too.

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