Happy birthday wishes messages boyfriend

Happy birthday wishes messages boyfriend


Do you know, my friend, how are you dear to me? So much so that I just can not express it in words. And today your birthday and I would not be so happy even whether it is my own birthday. Let desire that you put forth today zahasyvshy candles, celebrate as soon as possible!

My dear friend! Happy Birthday! This holiday comes to us once a year, so celebrate it must be so, then remember the next year. Hint clear? Think of something unusual - you know how it is. Waiting much positive as you expect lots of presents!

You - a true friend! This discussion can not be! Congratulations to you happy birthday and want to say only one thing: let all dreams become reality, then in your house will be a joy to work success in life success and happiness in the eyes!

Happy Birthday! You, my friend, I want to live, not knowing the grief, misery, misery. Let your endeavors always good and successful end, and dreams come true by all means, giving joy and happiness! Be open and honest man, and then on your way to meet decent people just like me!

My friend! Welcome to the most joyous day of the year, from the day you were born! Wish love? It already is, and can be happy? His long you won. Or maybe career? But you and so boss. Wish I'll be in my heart forever young, do not lose yourself and do not waste time on trifles!

My true friend. Happy Birthday! I wish you strong Siberian health, crazy love, reliable and loyal friends, such as myself, and remain the same wonderful man, friend, husband and father. Good luck to you, it is always necessary.

When it comes time to relax, then you can safely breathe in deeply and smile. The Time Has Come, come a time when you can not stop thinking about that and just smile bestow a rest. I congratulate you on this holiday! Let more often times when you can always catch your breath, feel the notes of happiness deep inside yourself and give that happiness to others. Health and happiness to you!

My dear friend, on your birthday I wish you wish to have you in my life, everything was fine. May you all get that you do not want, let always shines your charming smile and never frowns forehead. Be happy and enjoy life.

I want to congratulate you with Happy Birthday and wish you much happiness and every success. Let your life be all and storms and blizzards, let joy and peace. When sadness nakotyt remember we are always with you and ready to help in difficult times.

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