Happy birthday boy wishes

Happy birthday boy wishes


Happy Birthday, dear! I wish that in your fist was always jammed the key of happiness and eager purse of money! Effort and patience to achieve the most ambitious goals!

Birthday wish you be happy and kind man, surrounded by loyal friends! Let your whole life to become a large and elegant gift!

Happy Birthday congratulations and wish that my beloved boyfriend found a decent way of life and went through it to their own happiness! And let the whole world to you this helps!

I wish you happiness illuminated the long road of life, desire performed at every turn and all doors to the world undoubtedly open to you! Happy Birthday!

Do not know what to wish the birthday of the beloved fate as you. You and so it is! Oh, thought: let all you will always be in my life happy!

Congratulations to first-class guitarist birthday! To the girl you loved spivhrupnyky - respected fingers - obeyed, and each new day sounded only majeure!

Birthdays! So are you Rock out of monitor! I want you to meet a girl who pull you by the computer and proves that making love is better than playing games!


Naughty gay boy and serious, purposeful people - these two people at the same time are in you. So yes and then they peacefully coexist! Happy Birthday to you!

Nice to know that my boyfriend was a year older, and therefore wiser, stronger and more beautiful. So let all these and other positive qualities are always in you! Happy Birthday to you! Do not worry and do not be afraid of difficulties!

Happy birthday, you beautiful, strong and smart! With you enjoy spending time ever, you do not know how bored and sad. Be the same fun! Let everything in life is as you like!

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