Birthday messages for grandfather

Birthday messages for grandfather


Today is the birthday of our grandfather.
But can we call him grandfather? It meets every day cheerfully and with a bunch of plans, not discouraged nor grumbles to life, never forget generously given to their loved ones, in a word, he lives as not always have the strength to live with us, young ... And that means that in his heart he does grandfather, and the best guy in the world, and I wish him to remain so even a hundred years!

Grandpa, I love to visit you at a party, because next to you I go back to my childhood when we were carefree happy. I wish you good health, optimism, pep and more happy days!

I always rivnyavsya for you!
You're a real man and not afraid of anything and taught me this. I say thank you and congratulate you happy birthday! Wish me a bit, because the main thing that you were next to healthy and fun! I love you, grandfather!

My beloved, dear grandfather! I congratulate you on the anniversary! You were already a lot of these festivals, you have seen so much and experienced, but still not lose genuine interest in the lives and the world. I admire thy strength, wisdom and cheerfulness!

Raising a glass of champagne, I will not now speak lush, flowery speeches. I just want to raise a glass of the birthday of my grandfather, in his honor, and say a few words. My grandfather - a wonderful man. He was a member of a simple soldier, and when he returned home and created strong family and was able to raise children with good people. I suggest everyone to drink for that my grandfather lived a hundred years and have always been healthy and vigorous, because the world so much interesting and it is certain to be many more important things!

Beloved grandfather, your many grandchildren greet you a happy birthday! Stay strong, full of energy for years to come! Die you care, dear grandfather! We love you and we promise that you will always please!

Grandpa, I congratulate you on holiday! So just do not know what you wish ... You're wise, your talk about this year. You're patient - it confirms we are your grandchildren. You're kind and thoughtful, as just shout your actions. I wish you health, because only they will live longer and therefore become wiser, more patient, kind and reasonable.

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