Birthday love messages

Birthday love messages


Happy Birthday, Fairy magic! You intoxicating like champagne. The same delicious and dizzying gives me a feeling of euphoria. I enjoy you and hmeliyu joy that you are my. Frankly, not a magician, but his promise to turn Fairies life wonderful story.

Happy birthday, darling! Let a smile be regular guests on your lips, my heart beats to the rhythm of happiness, the soul believes in excellent dream, and the most beautiful eyes in the world always look at me with love!

In this light holiday of your birth, my darling, I wish you good mood, successes and all of your desires! I promise to surround you with love, understanding and care! Be happy!

Today we celebrate the birthday with my lover, and I want to assure her, and she loved the people that I can trust! I will do everything to ensure that my princess was happy never obrazhu her and fulfill all her wishes! Beloved is mine, let me be the man all your life!

One look, light shadow of a smile on her lips - and then I killed ... I noticed you, it is impossible not to notice the golden moon at night ... In heaven you - the meaning of my life with you I'm happy, and believe me, the world will be happier for you girls! I wish you a happy birthday and wish only one thing - let all your dreams are fulfilled, you barely have time to think of them!

Confess, you charmed me? On your birthday, I look at you, my darling ... in your eyes shining spark of happiness you smile openly and paddle listen greetings and wishes carefully, slightly bowed his head and smile again ... I see the magic of your beauty and charm and again I can not resist! I do not want to retire from sweet dizziness and a desire to kiss your hands, lips ... I love you, be happy, your destiny - to be the queen and I really want to be your king ...

Once the Amour went to our Northern Territory and saw two - a boy and a girl. Looking into their souls, he shook his head ... not good when these people alone! Cupid took from the quiver and arrows of gold ... we met! You're celebrating a birthday, you're surrounded by friends and family, and I shall hold you by the hand and can not nalyubuvatys you ... Let me welcome you to the fact that another year has passed, which happened so beautiful, and let the days until the next day birth will be even better!

If you ask me, for I love you, I'm unlikely to be able to answer ... is it possible to share all your dignity and quality on parts? You coherent whole, beautiful and amazing creatures, for me the best in the world! I want to give you bouquets and gifts not only on the day you were born, but every day! Let the days do not bring care and satisfaction, even if only for you the sun is shining and the birds chirping fun!

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