Original Fathers Birthday Wishes

Original Fathers Birthday Wishes


His father, a man, an equal, I want to tell you that I have always admired you and wanted you to follow around. You're a cool parent. Happy Birthday.

Dad, it's me, your "button", you always called me that. This "button" has become a "clerical" button. Sorry, ran, zapratsyuvalasya, but you birthday. Hello!

Beloved daddy Happy Birthday! I wish you always be healthy and successful, more luck and happy life in minutes! And remember we are always there!

From my heart I wish my beloved daddy tightly health, life for a long time, smiles wide, wide and endless happiness! Your presence on earth makes everything better and kinder!

This special day is so important to tell all warm and your words: Dad, I wish you joy, luck and happiness, which will be dizzy! Happy Birthday!

His dad congratulate you with Happy Birthday! I wish in my life to meet a lot of friends to be happy and successful in everything! And it does not hurt and good health!

Dad, Happy Birthday to you! Everything you do - cool, but it is best you go kids! Stay healthy as an ox, sturdy body and young at heart!

Most intelligent, beautiful, kind, cheerful, plump as a male in full bloom strength - Congratulations! Any such another hundred years! We love you, Dad!

Congratulations to you, father! Let life be a joy to you and never get bored! You - my main role model, and I promised not to forget what you taught me.

To be honest, I'm always a little jealous mother. She has a wonderful husband and I want to find myself the same! Happy Birthday, Dad!

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