Birthday wishes for girlfriend love

Birthday wishes for girlfriend love


Though they say that female friendship - is a myth, but I do not believe. And all because I have a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, positive and most importantly loyal friend, with whom I've always easy and pleasant to chat! Thank you for what you have there, Happy Birthday to you, my sweet!

We're so much experienced: they laughed and cried and swore and swore allegiance. I never regret that Her Majesty Fate brought us together, I am very glad that such a nice man like you near me always. Thank you, my dear friend! I wish you a happy birthday and wish you all the best and wish fulfillment!

My dear friend, Happy Birthday to you! You become a year older, but this is just silly numbers. As you look at eighteen, and even wise in his years. So let each year you will become a younger appearance, and only reasonable inside. Good luck, family comfort, good health and endless inspiration minutes!

Do not be upset that you become one year older. If you look on the other hand, you've become one year more beautiful, more attractive and smarter! And along the way you can not stop. I congratulate you happy birthday!

We're childhood friends, I know all your habits and favorite things, and you know perfectly well I did not at once, but in terms. You, my friend, I welcome once again happy birthday! I wish not miss the years that are so run, as you will always be young and beautiful!

Today the sun is shining brighter than usual, but the whole reason that this day was born the man to whom I entrust all their secrets and secrets that even under torture will not give them to anyone who is always there, even in joy though in grief, it's you - my friend! Happy Birthday!

My dear friend! I want to say thank you for your support - you will never forsake me in trouble and in joy not forget! For your advice that rescued me more than once! For your kindness and just because you are! Happy Birthday!

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