Birthday sms for husband messages

Birthday sms for husband messages


Native my husband, we're like two halves, and the happiness that we're able to create a very valuable. I wish you peace not to be strong and remain weak, I want to call you his love, and life does not make sense otherwise.

Dear, beloved husband! I wish you health, wealth and happiness! In cases your - success! Good luck to you, good! To your life like sugar, sweet it was! Happy Birthday!

Dear people! I congratulate you on holiday! wish that our love and our relationship was strongest, long and mutual until his death! I love you very much!

I remember how you met. It was love at first sight. I thought, "I want this man became my husband, the father of my children. I know that we will have a happy family." Now, looking back, I realize that was right. We loved each other, created a family, we have wonderful children were born, and we lived together for many years. Sometimes it was hard, but we love each other and are able to overcome. Today our family and close friends gathered together, and I want first to congratulate her husband on his birthday! Know that you us a road, be happy in your birthday and always!

When a woman's life comes to its single man is not important no career, no other freedoms as if granted to women in this age. I found my purpose is to love you and to keep our house, where you come back from work every night, knowing that you'll get a loving wife and family comfort ... I do not need more happiness than to be with you! I wish you a happy birthday and wish you always smile!

My favorite, precious wife! I want to go to your birthday, I say thank you for all that you filled my life. You brought to our house warm and cozy, you supported me and was glad my success, you gave me good children, which can not see a lot, because they - copy you! You - the meaning of my life, you - the one ray of light, which to warm a cold, and will show the right path. I love you, Happy birthday and wish you fulfill all dreams and hopes!

I love and loved in my heart always shines the sun, and I know that everything will be fine, because I am not alone. With my favorite and the only one - my husband. My dear, my sun! On your birthday I'm happy to be there, listen to congratulate you, and rejoice with you, to share this day with you, like everything else in our lives. Stay always the same happy as this day, and let your dreams come true!

Very young, I like all the girls dreamed about how marry. White dress, many guests - and the one without whom there can be a wedding - my husband! I knew that he must, above all, love me with all your heart, be kind, fair, smart and cheerful. But I do not even dare to dream that my husband will be the best man in the world, which I am HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish my dear husband, who made my life a true tale, always smile and be very happy!

My husband, the ruler of my heart and custodian of my destiny and my happiness in his Birthday I wish all good things of the world, just sunshine and good health, good luck and prosperity. And want it to be open to everything new and interesting, feel free to step forward with their dreams and always remember that his wife around at all times to be with him!

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