Friends happy birthday grandma

Friends happy birthday grandma


Granny, at any time of the year you warm my heart affection, tenderness and love. I do not know these words, which would express the happiness, safety and care, which I have since childhood. You're dear to me! I can just say that you - very close, dear, dear person to me. With all my heart I congratulate you with Happy Birthday and wish you a good mood, good health, warmth and comfort to any home and always so cheerful. You favorite for me, my grandma!

My good and dear grandmother, greet you a happy birthday! Your smile in this wonderful day will be the most dazzling and expensive for me! Your caring hands will be the most tender and gentle, because they will always remind me of happy childhood spent near you!
I wish you very long and dark years of our lives!

Well, our caring grandmother of St. Vitus. Happiness, health wish. Let jealous neighbor -babusi on the bench seeing you in
surrounded by seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Let the house still smells thy fragrant pies with cabbage. You like wisdom, generosity,

Favorite Granny, greet you with the day you were born! On this day, I thank you for all the sleepless nights that you spent next to my bed, with all fairy tales, which I was told by all the sweet cakes that always treated! Thank you for the love and warmth that you and now you give us all!

Are you as good and comfortable.
It's amazing how one person can be so caring and warm ... Grandma, I really want you to have a healthy and happy life you often. Let love those roads you makes you happy, and always remember: I really - really love you!

My favorite is my grandmother!
I congratulate you on holiday! I wish you happiness, joy, goodness! Be always cheerful and beautiful! To all that thou conceived always done! Smile, live long and bring joy to people! I love you very much!

Lovely granny!
Your gentle and kind hands we were at first, then taught to write, and then kept showing us the right way. Sometimes we do not obeyed and did everything in his own way, you are afflicted and helped us in any situation. Grandma, you are always in our minds wherever we go.

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