Happy birthday 50 years old

Happy birthday 50 years old


On the day of the Jubilee, you will undoubtedly hear many wonderful, warm, sincere and kind words in his address. I will not repeat, but merely say let the future waiting for you all that is wanted is now up at holiday guests!

Lovely girlfriend, meeting this anniversary not worry. After intervening years - a wealth of wisdom and experience it! Let your past will be jumping in the beautiful, cloudless future! Let your way to meet more wonderful people who will love you, care for you, to guard and protect you! May the coming year be full of wonderful events, meetings with good people, success and luck! Health to you, love, luck, goodness! Be happy!
Do you prefer a greeting in prose, then we have for you a great special section called "Happy anniversary in prose." It is welcome for women and men, and colleagues. Wish the day of the anniversary of wisdom in every vital decision that would each decision was correct and bring only positive and good dividends. What would he or she knew or did not know what sadness, anxiety and frustration. Let life is not black and white like a zebra, and a bright and colorful like a rainbow, from which it always breathtaking. And lots and lots of happiness around like snow in winter.

I warmly welcome you with a golden anniversary! Let this gold will remain with you for all these years: the house will be full of gold cup, health - strong as gold bullion, the character remains the gold, and the wedding will be golden!

Half a century - a significant age.
You no longer run the risk of not doing fine, busy errors. Even if mistakes - that serious! So gone are the days when looking at girls as a child in a candy store you wanted to try everything. But you already know how to make women think of you day and night. It comes from years of experience - you just need to take a woman more money as long as possible and not to give! While you and he know that the older man is, the more time he spends with his wife. And with his. What you wish for an anniversary? You all are! Is that to get the Nobel Prize. A trifle, but nice! Hello!

Congratulations on your anniversary!
How to write an American writer Edward Bok: "Real life begins at fifty years. During these years a man possessed so on what basis this achievement becomes what you can give to others, knowing that what can be taught clears up that what can be built. "Let your friends help achieve this, and your wise counsel - will be useful to your friends and grandchildren!

Today is your birthday. And that's fine. Let this day be merry and bright and unique. Let replaced by a new one dream - all the more impossible, and the old, of course, true. May good luck be your faithful companion, shall not be in your life as obstacles that you could not overcome. Happy Birthday

Hero of the day!
Today we gather at this table, because you anniversary! We are glad to welcome you on this holiday and want to wish you on this glorious day a great success, lots of bright sunny days a year, never frown and live a hundred years!

Beloved hero of the day!
On this anniversary we want to wish you wisdom - as in 70 contest - as in 30 youth in the soul - as in 20, and health for 100 years!

I hasten to congratulate you on the anniversary! Let this day in such a beautiful man like you there are only a welcome gift. Let all the following days will be as fabulous, bright, happy and bright as this! Have you not dare to come close affliction, sadness, boredom and depression! I wish you a huge life hopefully be that lasted forever! I wish you were always eyes full of joy, happiness and love. Let love fill all your heart, all your soul! I wish you all the very clean, bright and good, and most importantly, I want all of your desires. Happy anniversary!

Road hero of the day! Your anniversary - a great event, not only for you but for us - your family, colleagues and friends. You have achieved a lot - demand professional near you always intelligent, understanding friend, a wife, you have a beautiful house in which I want to come again and again. We appreciate your strength and determination, you - a great family man and loyal friend. And this holiday wish you excellent health, professional success, new opportunities and brilliant victories, optimism, resilience in all situations of life, prosperity, and good understanding in the family. Would you like to be a winner and achieve their goals! To love and be loved!

The way our man! Share generously endowed you sincerely loving that today you heartily welcome to your perfect holiday. Perhaps you have a love life when she meets you in return, because you have everything you need for true human happiness - loving relatives, sincere friends. We wish you to go through life with a smile - and she will smile you back, do not wear the evil - and you forget about it, the accomplishment of all planned and scheduled to be a shining example of a successful and happy person to appreciate those you cherish, and health I tell you - for many - many years!

Today we are gathered to congratulate the anniversary wonderful man, a real man, a true gentleman, a wonderful family man and a loyal friend. Anniversary - wonderful holiday perfect occasion to say kind words and wishes. Road hero of the day, take us to welcome this beautiful event! We wish you good health, a brilliant career, material prosperity, interesting and creative life, warm family warmth and love. You - a strong, purposeful, you on the shoulder solve any problem! We wish you good luck and success in all matters!

The young hero of the day!
The whole family, all relatives, friends congratulate you on the anniversary! We wish to grow healthy, smart and beautiful children. And most always stay the same wonderful, we know you!

Road hero of the day!
Any anniversary - a little sad because going intervening years, they never return. But if it comes from knowingly and lived honestly, you never want them to regret! We wish you to stay so that you are!

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