Happy Birthday for Men

Happy Birthday for Men


I congratulate you heartily on his birthday! Let everyone dreams always come true! I wish you lots of smiles, kindness and joy, to be true friends, love and mutual clean, good health, happiness, infinite, large living patience, all good things supernatural and everything all of the good and the beautiful and radiant!

Dear ___________!
I wish you that your life was the light like a clear sunny day, complete as a glass of champagne, cloudless as the sky over the desert. Let the stars in the night sky, always burning lights in the windows of your friends and relatives, lights of hope. Be healthy, happy and fartovyy!

We wish our birthday always keep spiritual youth, because youth - a great state expectations of beauty, the feeling that anything is possible, you are able to do. We wish you health, happiness always let you succeed and good luck!
Did I missed your birthday? Though late, but welcome! Total you very good and light in this day and all others! Let your every day be like a holiday!

In one song: "Birthday - sad holiday:" I wish you to have this holiday always remains fun for you! Especially when you see how many friends gathered to congratulate you!

Dear __________!
I wish you to all the problems rushed away, and your future be filled with the light of joyful happiness. To have your family where you are, no doubt, the head, ruled harmony and love to your health was stronger than steel! And we, all your relatives, promise never to disappoint you!

Happy Birthday! I wish you courage, strength, hope, care, patience, dreams and its implementation, love, warmth, good luck, happiness, prosperity, energy, light, inspiration, smile, success, kindness, loyalty, love it! And steep climbs, bright life, strength of spirit, fire, desire and intoxication of happiness!

Dear __________!
In the same light for the day you want to wish you happiness and warmth. Let crosses the threshold of your home joy and anxiety are always at the door!

Dear ___________!
Glad to greet you a happy birthday! Let fate will save you from the misery and misfortune of the worst enemy of evil speech, from petty friend from a serious illness! And the Lord grant you health, happiness and good luck!

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