Birthday wishes greeting card

Birthday wishes greeting card


Happy birthday, my dear Granny! Thank you for your tireless concern for me. For your hands, which is always at work. Because you taught me to be hazyayechkoyu. Mother, let your attention and love make us happy -many many years! With warmth, your granddaughter.

My dear, good grandmother, happy you were born! You always protects us and suggest a wise decision for any situation. Thank you for continued strength, optimism, courage, for your education and kindness, for kindness, attention and affection.

From birthday wishes best grandmother grandson in the world! You're an amazing woman with us. Thank you, that never trembled heart to life's problems that you always boldly defended their right to happiness. Due to this we are all born. We all love you too, and especially your grandson.

Dear grandmother with a bright holiday, with the warmest of the year, with your birthday wishes you granddaughter! Thank you for the most delicious and flavorful scones and cakes with apple and cinnamon. Your house always associate me with the smell of fresh baking. You're a strange grandmother.

I have a very caring and loving grandmother in the world. Happy Birthday to you, my good! I remember as a child you knit me socks, and did not sleep at night, to quickly finish the blouse on holiday. You always wanted your granddaughter was the most beautiful and beloved. Thank you for that, dear.

Happy Birthday to you, dear grandmother! How good that you are in me! I know that the door of your house is always open. And in your heart there will always be a place for your granddaughter. Thank you for this! Happiness, health and long life to you, my dear!

Dear grandmother! I congratulate you on your Birthday! You're like a clear sun, irradiates all around its warmth and light! Next to you I feel more comfortable and lighter at heart. Take from his grandchildren gratitude for the care and love that you give me you! Many summer you, dear!

Happy birthday, my dear man, beloved Granny herself! Salute thee thy loving grandson. Thank you, my dear grandmother, for your sleepless nights when you prayed for God to send me an angel who would guard me. Thank you for your kindness, love and understanding.

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