happy birthday woman

happy birthday woman


I sincerely congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you luck in infinite cases much success in their work. May all your endeavors be successful, but the mood just excellent! I wish your family and your friends have always been a strong and reliable support!

You are beautiful, like many years ago and, as usual, full of dignity. You are one of those women who are not paints gray hair, and it emphasizes its splendor. Happy Birthday Lady.

Dear and respected __________ (name!) Congratulate you on holiday! You have grown and raised miracle daughter, now she's my wife! If not for you, I would not have had such a wonderful family, sons and daughter! Thank you for this! Thank you for your golden nature and outdoor life!

You mother, and wife, and friend. You are clever, you have a lot of advantages and it is difficult to choose one thing, and so we love you. You certainly have some mystery, because you all always easy. Happy Birthday!

My wife, great wisdom in you, in you whole life. You're the best of women, you are a woman highest order! Happy you were born, my beautiful wife!

Beautiful my mysterious, the most perfect of women! Happy your birthday! Let every day be a holiday and every birthday event! Hello!

Attractiveness - your advantage charm - your dignity, mind - your trump success - your eternal companion, success - a true friend! Let it be forever. In general, be happy! Happy Birthday!

Dear, Please accept my congratulations on his birthday! You - the most beautiful, most beautiful you - perfect. I wish you great happiness, health and lots of flowers and gifts.

Please accept our sincere congratulations on his birthday. We heartily wish you courage, health, success in work and family well-being. Let these words be heard and God will fulfill all our wishes.

Happy Birthday, dear! Let your feet fall to the most gorgeous flowers and the best fans! For a woman like you deserves all the best in the world!

When I hear the word gentle, kind, gentle, always remember you. You're worthy of all the beauty in this world! Happy Birthday, dear, and let life carries you on a wave of joy and happiness!

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