Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend funny

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend funny


Well, my dear friend, Happy Birthday to you! I want harmony in life, namely cold misted beer - but always in the warm company! Girls with nice shape - but mind and did not disappoint! Job easier - but a pack of salary bills it always was hard!

My dear friend! Given the purchased gift you really expensive. But no matter what, the day of your birthday I wish you to have a thick wallet and a slim wife get high wages and low interest rates on loans to steer steep wheelbarrow and not slow down!

A friend and friend? I have now quite simply terrible trouble -'d like to mention to you your birthday! And as we were taught in childhood - one in trouble it is necessary to help. So wait - now I appear at with heavy artillery consisting of alcohol and gifts that we may correct the situation. Happy you!

Friend, dear, happy birthday! I wish to be the object of close attention to the female half, never depend on exchange rates and weather forecasts, and more - large trophy fishing and hunting - not enough hands to show that they are huge!

Dear friend - only best wishes for the wonderful Birthday! Let life full reigns International: Wisdom - East, temperament - Italian dreams - the American health - Siberian, cars - German, smile - Hollywood!

Happy birthday, my friend good! Let no headache nor wine, nor of problems, be it sweet and the desserts, and of kisses, let dizziness comes only from happiness and career heights off! Fun Party and understanding neighbors!

Happy birthday, my good friend! I wish you have fun, drink and accidentally found on the road a huge suitcase of money, and not with some dollars there, and the euro (in the larger denominations). So you can celebrate the birthday all year somewhere in the sea on their own island! Happy you!

Today a wonderful day - the birthday of my friend. I heartily congratulate you! You and I are friends for many years and I would like to see our children and friends as much. We talked to them about his adventures ... Although not. Perhaps they absolutely need to know some facts ... Congratulations to you!

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