Birthday wishes husband sms

Birthday wishes husband sms


Dear, beloved husband! Today opens a new page and the best of your life! And now I wish that Your life was filled with love, warmed by heat is secured and effortlessly! That thou mayest live was easy and pleasant! Happy Birthday!

My Mother how much you mean to me, you do not even imagine how you are dear to me. May your day be sunny, beautiful, and your roses will be paved path. And every night - starry, clear, clear, my dear happy, be always.

When you're with me, I was warm, comfortable and quiet. I know that would not surprise lifted life, you will always be close to: understand and podderzhesh - this is a great little secret of happiness. Thank you, my beloved! I want you to be successful, healthy and confident in their abilities that no doubt is bedeviled all the trouble you passed it by. I wish for you every day was filled with the joy of victory and achievements! I am proud that you're next to me!

I'm with you favorite nothing in life is not terrible, together we will be able to overcome any way, because man does not find a safer world. Your hot loving heart can save all ills and troubles. Thank you for your loyalty and devotion, I love you very strongly.

Man beloved, precious and unique welcome from birth day. The work you interesting career - progressive. Let hiking heard your song on the guitar, and preparing barbecue. Let the years and days will be wonderful, beautiful, unforgettable. Happy, my dear, you!

Expensive, the most wonderful man on earth, I want to congratulate with a holiday day of your birth. You're strong, brave, brave, strong, you - the ideal of masculinity. I feel confident on your back. Sincerely wish you health, career, peace of mind. My beloved man!

My dear people, my support, my protector and best friend! I want to congratulate you on his birthday and again to say how happy I am that you met! I wish you always be as a good example for our children! I am always proud and admire you!

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