Anniversary - Greetings

Anniversary - Greetings


Dear brother, I want to congratulate you on the anniversary. 50 years - this is the beginning of a new life, so you are still ahead. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity. Let nothing you darkens, and only makes stronger and wiser. Happy!

Honey, I heartily congratulate you on the anniversary. Today is your holiday, so I want to not only this day, but always close to you people gave their smiles and surrounded concern. I wish you always stay the same kind, wise and beautiful. Happy, dear!

Dear Daddy, I heartily congratulate you on the anniversary. This day should be remembered to you for life, so we try to do this all. Have you always surrounded by your loving family, and all the troubles ignore you party. Happy!

Dear uncle accept my congratulations on the anniversary. I wish you great happiness and peace to your family. You are endowed with wisdom, which is not unique to everyone, so always give accurate and faithful advice that so want to listen. Congratulations to you and all the best!

"I warmly welcome"
I warmly welcome the gold anniversary! Let the gold will remain with you for all these years: the house will be full of gold cup, health - strong as gold bullion, the character will be gold and gold wedding!

"They say ..."
They say a person needs two years to learn to speak, and 50 years to learn to keep his mouth shut. Today our hero of the day proved that this school he went to "excellent." Stay in the way, for a second term and continue to learn. 100 years, you will be provided!

Dear, I want to congratulate you on the anniversary. Today your holiday today significant date, so I want to wish you much happiness, good health, joy and high spirits daily. Do not forget that everything is just beginning, so let victory and success always accompany you. With a holiday favorite!

"Look at yourself in the mirror"
You knocked fifty dollars today! Look at yourself in the mirror. It is a nightmare as you ... perfectly preserved: almost no facial wrinkles and smile Alain Delon compared with just your rest! A figure - the Klitschko brothers burst with envy. And your sense of humor - "full house" nervously smokes in the corner. Congratulations and wish to remain so for many years!

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