Ecards for husbands birthday

Ecards for husbands birthday


But one passion, desire is not too much to this union survived the years. To make him a real fortress for a happy family life, you make a lot of patience, attention to her husband, sensitivity, ability to listen, watch and understand. Today I want to tell you my husband, we were able to build over the years not only strength, but a palace, which, I believe we will live for many years and happy! Happy birthday, darling!

Love - like a flame.
It can vidihrity and return to life - or burn to ashes. With flames to behave circumspectly, not to rush, and if we can put it in the fire, the house is warm and light. During the years of marriage we have tamed our flame of love, and now it is burning peacefully in the hearth. On your birthday, I congratulate you and if I see how the flame tongues dancing fly, I know they will always be flashing in our lives, not allowing the fire of love alive!

I mean the entire universe of his unearthly love to you, my man!
I live for you, I breathe you, you occupy my life, because without you the world for me is impersonal and dull. Please also happy because your happiness is my happiness, because we are a unit.

On the day of your anniversary, our house is full of smiles and joy gathered best friends. And you, my man, master of his house, welcomes guests listen congratulations and, believe me, you deserve them all! I also want to congratulate you on birthday and anniversary rozhvalyty, as it should, because such a wonderful person like you, wise master, a loving husband and loyal friend, worthy of all praises a hundred times more than we have time today to say! Happy birthday, dear, dear, unique, only my husband!

I wish you good health, good mood and obedient children. And every time that you came home with a light heart and a great desire! A good attitude and a delicious dinner, I will provide you! Be happy and always be kind to the family!

My beloved!
All year before your birthday gifts prepared, because you really want to please the fulfillment of desires in this festival, when they get close to people and the river flowing lush greetings and wishes! But I also know that you love the most valuable and good relations with those who are dear to you! So I want to wish the birthday to one year for you was even richer in a great relationship and true love!

Once God has allocated for human life twenty-five years, and the horse, dog, monkey and all other animals - in fifty years. Offense man, but God decided. Went to people animals so that they gave him part of his life. And so it happened that twenty-five years a person lives as a man the next twenty-five years as a plow horse, then live like a dog, well, the next twenty five years, laughed at him, as of macaques. So drink is to ensure that my husband lived at least a hundred years as a man! Happy Birthday to you dear!

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