Happy birthday wishes to the man i love

Happy birthday wishes to the man i love


My beloved, with you we are two halves, and what a blessing that we were able to meet each other in life. And let our happiness is precious and eternal. And our love shines for many years and is not quenched. Happy birthday, darling!

Happy Birthday, my unique, my one and welcome! May still warm your soul warms me at any moment. I wish you, that you have a lot more holidays, and your life was flat and smooth as Nakatani road.

My beloved, I wish this happy day for you, birthday wish to you, let your soul spring blooms. Let sunrises give joy and in gardens only sing you a love song funny nightingales. My God!

My beloved! I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you all the best! Health, luck and success! May you always been so attentive and caring! I love you!

My beloved, my good and very, very expensive, today you have become a year older, and therefore - wiser! I want you to just gave you years of experience, knowledge, wealth and instead took nothing! Love!

My beloved! With you I want to dance in the rain and look to the west; holding your hand, I'm ready to go to the end of the world! On your birthday I was so genuinely happy to be next to you and say I love you, but still - how much I want your life was just a series of events ... good, very good! Have you goes all planned, you may never visit nor sorrow, nor sadness! Smile and be happy the sun in the sky, and let me be your personal sun!

Romance, those little books in covers of couples in love in passionate embrace - until recently I was funny ... But, having met you, I felt like the heroine of an exciting love story! When I'm with you, I feel dizzy and heart beating, your one touch - and I'm melting ... My beloved! I wish you a happy birthday and wish you always be as brave, kind and gentle, my hero, who came from a fairy tale! And like a true hero love story, take your luck and accompanies persistent, slightly sly smile does not come off with your mouth!

Happened to me is a wonderful thing that can happen to a girl ... I fell in love ... you won me a glance and I trustingly followed you ... In your birthday I am particularly happy, is not it nice to be with someone you love in its most important holiday! Be happy, my dear, let your soul is always the music of happiness and every wish in that moment marks!

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