20th Birthday Wishes

20th Birthday Wishes


Dear! I warmly congratulate you on the anniversary of 20 years. Beautiful date today you most likely older colleagues envy you because it's a youth, joy and the beginning of all beginnings in life. Let this date will make you happier in life adds a healthy passion and inexhaustible vitality. Take us today as a gift lyrics and good wishes for continued success and life success.

Friend! I congratulate you on the anniversary! 20 years - a good date (vybratpozdravlenie guy on the anniversary of 20 years)! In life, has it all: youth, passion, health, desire and desire to meet them. Let all that remains! I am glad that next to me is you, my friend and brother! I like to share with you their joys and sorrows, I know that in any case my you help me. I do not know how you feel about poems for an anniversary, but still today please take them as a gift from me.

40 years - a great date! On this 40th anniversary we want to wish to remain young and beautiful as 20 years old, wise and experienced, both 90, committed to knowledge, as in 3 years, and live to 100years!

Dear _______!
Today you have a brighter holiday, you do not just birthday, anniversary you today! What is 30 years? This is the most flourishing for women! Ash mind, and distance svetla and soul in a lot of heat. Although sometimes the face and flashes anxiety that so many days to live, but you, my dear, do not worry. Believe that most of the way back in front of you. Ahead of light luck and clear so many years! Let the year will give you a gentle look in the future, laughter, good luck and success!

_____________ (Name, first name)! Inhibits you from anniversary! We wish you much happiness, smiles, care for a century! May all your dreams come true, and the good things you have done to you back!

Dear ____________! Congratulations on your anniversary! We wish you many years to live without bitterness and misery! Be always cheerful, happy and beautiful! Let go of the year, it does not matter! Above all, the close friends were always near!

The way our birthday. We hasten to congratulate you on the anniversary and wish you let fate will send a lot of vigor and strength, and thy years shall you never be a burden, but will only light and pleasant memories.

_____________ (Name)! Congratulations on your anniversary! We wish you success and happiness! To you long, easily and happily lived without knowing the grief and misery! Let your family and native people will always come to visit you! And grandchildren may bring lush bouquets of flowers!

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