Birthday SMS for Girlfriend

Birthday SMS for Girlfriend


(Name)! I congratulate you heartily on his birthday! I wish you lucky in everything: in business, in work and in love! And wish you health and happiness! Stay so that you are! Happy Birthday, friend!

My dear! I want you to buy coveted dress, pick up his shoes and matching bag, which is not transferred to the branded lipstick, perfume and powder! Another thing I want next to you was the coolest guy on the games machine! And that your hairstyle will not spoil the wind, and a new hair dye did not disappoint! For trips to the salon only bring good mood, work - fun and happy life with new appointments and features! I am writing this to all know that female friendship exist!

Miles my friend! I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you to be as beautiful, fashionable and stylish! To you graduated with honors! Let you in life and on the personal front, everything will be fine!

Dear friend, sincerely want to coach your life easily and happily was carrying you, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties that road went through the garden, strewn with fruit, and that you are close to all the one you need. We love you and appreciate for your optimism.

My dear friend, such a friend as you will not find a more worldwide. And such a lovely day I'd like to tell you thank you. Thank you that you came into my life and changed it for the better. You - my clear warm sun that warms in difficult times. Please always the same. Happy Birthday.

Girlfriend honey, you and the war is not terrible, reliable and courageous. Always with you our good and interesting - Stay always so. We wish to be an excellent student in the science of life and even in those moments when you are alone, you will not be alone. Be healthy and pretty as you are. Happy Birthday.

I congratulate you happy birthday! On this day I want to give you a huge bunch of compliments, and they will be the real truth. Your sharp mind, good looks, beautiful nature and sparkling humor envy of many people. You'll get everything all possible - the fate committed to you and it is very nice. Let all that you want, what you dream, come true quickly, easily and beautifully. In birthday I wish you joy, good health and good luck. And so she accompanies you around, let Fortune will continue to you favorably. And I wish you immense happiness that it warms every day of your life, soul filled with love and warmth. Happy birthday, and may this day be bright, beautiful and happy!

Happy Birthday! I warmly welcome you! I wish you health and happiness! To life and work you lucky! Always Stay that what you are. How many are you positive energy and human dignity! Your intuition and charm, makes you special. You have a lot of other great qualities. Take care of it all. Stay always the same natural man! Let life circumstances are formed so that this list only replenished.
I wish you love, love with a capital letter. Mutual love, pure love, love the beautiful and of course happy!

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