happy birthday greetings for a man

happy birthday greetings for a man


The years fly fast life circling us like a carousel, but the main thing that we do not lose each other, and today here assembled friendly company on your Birthday! Eat for health delicious cake, roll gifts and hear our words carefully! First of all - be happy! And to be more precise - breathe in deeply, look forward boldly and firmly step, value friends and keep love - and then you will be happy for many years!

Birthday - an annual celebration, we met with him many times, but we all would very much like to see this birthday was special for you! Let spoken this day our good words and wishes certainly vtilyatsya in your life in his best form! Let your spirit will always be worse than today, and the circle of close friends over the years is a closer!

While it is unfortunate that birthday only once a year, I want to assure you that today we are able to please you greetings, wishes and always - Unique gifts for the year ahead! I wish you to spend the next year as if in a fairy tale! Let your way you will meet new friends, awesome adventures, pleasant surprises awaited victory, sincere love and great happiness!

In the noble and proud Indian legends is that each person has a totem - a guardian spirit in the form of animals who help him throughout life. On your birthday, I want to suggest that fate has given you not one, but several totems! After you strong as a bear, deer, lion and wise as Kaa! I wish you a happy birthday and wish at least to stay in the same wonderful, but even better - increase your good quality and must - be happy!

Happy Birthday! You, of course, waiting for this very day, but believe me, and you can not imagine how much good we have in store for you today! In addition to the gifts we have in stock is a thousand million hot greetings and good wishes! Chief among them - wishes of happiness, because of him the world is lighter, easier to breathe and live becomes easy and enjoyable! So live happily and let the next your birthday - will make it all a dream fulfilled!

Happy Birthday to you! Health, love, luck of all desires! Stay always the same cheerful, charming, kind and wonderful person!

We wish our birthday always keep spiritual youth, because youth - a great state expectations of beauty, the feeling that anything is possible, you are able to do. We wish you health, happiness always let you succeed and good luck!

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