Love birthday greetings for her

Love birthday greetings for her


Dear _________. I congratulate you on your Birthday! On this day we wish you one - let the smile always shine your face, and in moments of joy and moments of sadness. When she smiles, it all things go smoothly, it carries not only in business, but also in love. Smile - it's our weapons and our assistant. So let every day be a real holiday, and you always have a reason to smile!

Kind, sincere, wonderful woman Happy birthday. We wish porhaty - like a butterfly blossom - like a rose in spring, flourish - the sun. Let pleased with relatives and friends caring, understanding, warmth and respect. You are beautiful, graceful and charming always.

Congratulations to you on the day you were born! You're the best, you have to - the source of heat and light you bring into our lives so much sun, joy and hope. Stay always the same cheerful, energetic, the young at heart. Good luck, health and long life!

I congratulate you with Happy Birthday and wish to blossom as a rose, a tulip, always be as gentle as their petals. To you life was in full swing, but rather the volcano. Be strong and powerful as pine, that you were not afraid of a hurricane or storm or intense cold or heat. Live without knowing the storms and troubles, at least another 1000 years!

Today you was ____ years and we want to congratulate you and wish that from now on you only live in a wonderful country youth. Let it pleases you my blue sky, clean water may obdaruye happiness! May you always went to the target and all made ??it! To always your soul was light, but the heart of beautiful singing voices fabulous birds!

I wish you always be beautiful, to love and be loved, someone to heal wounds, someone to return life to be for someone unique, fun, gentle, nice, nice! And that you have enough power for everything!

Can Earth survive without the sun? Of course not. So my life without you would be grim and bleak. Thank you for what you warm all the friends and relatives of its rays of warmth and kindness. You always hearken one who turns to you for help, you help good advice and deed. No wonder so attracted to you and the people are so fond of children, and their own, and others'. Please also healthy and happy, live to a hundred years to the delight of us all!

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