Happy birthday wife wishes

Happy birthday wife wishes


A man must be strong. But that day I was killed by your beauty. You smiled - and my heart sank, I did not know what to say, and just smiled. Probably be with us told ourselves heavens. Years passed, and that happens in our lives, we know - the main thing that we are together. After all, when near someone who loves and love can turn to dust years. On your birthday, I want to say once again how much I love you and how much I appreciate you all these years for your love!

Love - this is the greatest miracle that can happen in life. When she arrives, ask yourself: "How I lived before?" Happiness fills your chest and really want to share it. I generously shared it with you, and you answered me in return. We do not just become husband and wife, our marriage was a union in which two - one. And your birthday I want to admit that he never wished for a different fate than to be your husband.

Once I thought about what I could have been in past lives? King, a farmer, pirate, warrior, poet? Maybe I've lived a hundred lives in different times, in different countries ... And of course, I was loved ... loved you. I feel in my heart that we were always meant to each other, so if there is a never ending cycle of life, and in the past and in the future we have been and always will be together! On your birthday, I congratulate you and thank you again for the fate that another year on earth happily living my love!

If the past could come back, I would back in the day when you met and, without delay, would suggest you to be my wife. Perhaps you would be surprised that you barely familiar guy in such a hurry, but I know I would be able to tell you about what to expect ... I would say to you - Favorite! We will have a spacious house, in a window which looks into the morning sun. We are children of the same shining eyes, like their mother. We have come a thousand days and nights we spend together and we will not be bored! When you will be sad, I sweetly kiss you and say something nice to you smiled again. I think you would believe me, because you are in my brightest! Happy Birthday!

On the day of our wedding was the most beautiful bride you. White dress and veil enveloped you weightless cloud gold ring shone like a ray of sun. But was your most beautiful smile. You just became my wife and I circled you in his arms, knowing that remember these moments forever. It took many years, but now you just as beautiful as that day. And I love you still, and when I take your hand, I feel like the heart stops for a moment. And your birthday is the best holiday for me, when I again say how I love you!

Once, the world was a miracle. In the world you were, my beloved. With you in my life came true meaning, and now every year I want to celebrate not only your birthday, but one year we spent together. In this light holiday I wish you a fairy love, and believe me, I can give it to you, becoming your fairy prince!

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