Birthday wishes for a woman of god

Birthday wishes for a woman of god


I want you to adversity and sorrow raced away to your future was full of good and happy. Let your family peace and love, let the children pleased with their success, even at work everything is running smoothly, let your health will be in the Siberian durable. And with all my heart I wish you simple human happiness!

Today, the wonderful holiday in your birthday I wish you to be strong in spirit and gentle soul, so that your life was not intractable problems that have always been close to people who can help and support. Do not worry and believe that tomorrow will bring joy and happiness! Also I want you to close has always been a strong, reliable and very loving husband you, which you will easily and safely! Love, I love any desirable and happy!

Today we would like to congratulate the birthday beautiful woman! It is like the embodiment of the goddess Flora flowering, always fresh and handsome, always in good spirits, always ready to smile and enjoy life! We wish to stay the same cheerful optimist and continue to charge all others, including us, a positive attitude!

As you know, a woman equally so many years, how much she looks like now. So our birthday is just fine, and more than eighteen she did not give! We wish to continue to be as beautiful, elegant and charming. We wish to be loved wife, happy mother, great friend and successful businesswoman - in short, want to be happy! And even today you'll get a lot of good words and wishes, let all the relatives and friends come to visit, and those who can not come in person, let them not forget to send sms birthday or convey their sincere wishes in a telephone conversation!

With all my heart I congratulate the birthday amazing woman. Every day she skillfully and supposedly naturally plays many different roles: it wise leader, a loving wife, kind mother, caring daughter, faithful friend ... Every day she makes a lot and do not seem to know fatigue. I wish to continue to live in the same rapid pace. I want to succeed at work and in their personal lives, achieve their goals, implement the most cherished dreams!

As you know, the concept of "happiness" for everyone ... its So I want you to find just the happiness that you designed the lot and let it be complete, serene and limitless!

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