Birthday wishes for 16 girl

Birthday wishes for 16 girl


You tender the first ray of sun that warms its warmth. You're like an angel that came down from the clouds on invisible wings ... And today your birthday I wish you always stay the same as it is now easily and confidently walk through life, changing his fate, but without changing itself. Be the envy of all the happiest, because you deserves better! Let others delight inspires you today and radiant smile has been on the beautiful faces all day. Congratulations you birthday!

Everyone in life has big goals. Many of them speak in the ears of many held in the strictest confidence ... but they are absolutely all! Let the circumstances in your life will form just so that you achieved everything you want. I wish you a lot of energy because they need to achieve dreams. I wish you true friends, because without them it is impossible to achieve anything. Good luck, because without it there and nowhere. And most importantly - do not give up and never to retreat, because everyone deserves happiness, but in our hands!

Hello Kitty! I congratulate you and sincerely wish: to be healthy, beautiful, successful and good. Happy Birthday to you!

I want to congratulate you with the next birthday. I wish to birds that day, just for you sang. May you always so beautiful and healthy, that you never knew hardship.

Sonia heaven I call you. Today I hasten to congratulate you happy birthday. I would wish you to be desirable, passionate. I wish happiness and love, and always be beautiful!

You heartily, my Bunny, congratulations! Stay beautiful, passionate and prosperous - that's what I want you! May you have a healthy and trouble that you did not know! Happy Birthday to you, Bunny!

Hi, small! You have long ceased to wear braids for which you have been so easy to pull from the back benches. You have a birthday today? Hello!

It's your birthday and you're like a butterfly, vypurhnula of pupae, rozpravyla its wings and is ready to fly in the great life. Do not rush to fly to bright light. Let the wings get stronger.

You're a beautiful girl and you're my youth and love of life. In your eyes captured by surprise. Let it never leave thee. Happy Birthday.

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