Greetings happy birthday mom

Greetings happy birthday mom


Dear mother! I congratulate you on March 8! With such a wonderful, spring holiday! I wish you spring mood! Have a happy shalt thou! Well with thee, love and warmth!

Happy Birthday, Mom! Health you strong - strong! Smiles to you only genuine and positive people!

Lovely Mamus, our gentle as well that you are in our world. Know that you
this one, the only one for me. I wish that there was no separation in life that we have always been close. I want to squeeze your heart good hands and just be with you forever.

Have we, Mom, welcome and thank you for everything. We are all you, Mom, raised,
blessed us to live. Live, native, long -dovho, be always healthy and never ill. Long live our mother, beautiful and kindest of mothers.

Dear mother! Congratulations on this glorious date, with all my heart, we want to wish your children half a century or even more than in life cheerfully, fun walk. To step confident gait, the way ahead is great. Well, we are your family children, grandchildren with you.

Mum native, I love sutra and I congratulate her before all a Happy Birthday! Mom, my picture for you, I painted it with love. And I want to say that, to be like a dream mum, gentle, kind and beautiful and so hardworking!

Dear mum, this honorary title now belongs to you by right. Congratulations on the birth of a daughter, a wonderful baby. We wish you many years of good health and youth, strength and beauty. Have always run your cherished dreams!

I love mommy, dear. I wish you in your jubilee, long life to you, and many health -many happy and sunny days. Let every moment of your life is worthy warmed my sister love.

Dear mother! I congratulate you on your Birthday! Let the warm ray of warm gentle thy hands Let the smile did not go down with your eyes! Good luck, health and good luck! I love you!

Sweetheart, beloved mother! Congratulations to you on your Birthday! You have to very careful, dear and affectionate! Even on your face and the wrinkles were already grow gray head, we love you too! And do not forget you never! You good health, happiness, permanent and good luck!

Congratulations! You became a mother! This is an exciting word of which is warm and calm in the chest. You came man, for whom you loved and the most important person in my life. Remember that the higher the rank mom no in heaven or on earth.

Mom! We welcome you to the world with the advent of a little boy! Let the baby grow strong and healthy! And you, Mom, we want happiness, kindness, warmth, love and joy!

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