Happy Birthday Grandpa

Happy Birthday Grandpa


I always rivnyavsya for you! You're a real man and not afraid of anything and taught me this. I say thank you and congratulate you happy birthday! Wish me a bit, because the main thing that you were next to healthy and fun! I love you, grandfather!

There are dark people: they always grumble and begin to age from childhood. But people are funny: they love life, charge all their optimism, and never get old. They are you, grandfather, and attitude! So all the same always healthy, active and positive minded person! Happy Birthday!

Grandpa! So it's your next birthday! I want that day you were cheerful, happy and surrounded by loving care you people! Let your soul be happy, and feeling the holiday does not leave for a second! I wish you health and long life beautiful!

Dear Grandpa, I congratulate you with Happy Birthday and I want to tell you. Grandpa, I'm proud of you, I know how strongly you love me. I want you always been healthy and less you know doctors, smiled and gave me their tips. I love you.

Grandpa, I congratulate you on your Birthday! You lot have taught their children, and now you submit your invaluable experience grandchildren. Despite the age difference we always find common ground. Grandpa, I wish you long life, peace, peace. Get plenty of warm, light, happy days. We grandchildren, you really love and respect.

Grandpa, I love to visit you at a party, because next to you I go back to my childhood when we were carefree happy. I wish you good health, optimism, pep and more happy days.

Road, the only one of the wisest, oldest member of our family - grandfather, congratulations on the birth. Stay in the same sport, fit, gambling, fun. Suppose after trekking in the forest filled with mushrooms and berries baskets, gear and fish. Lightness, vivacity and happiness.

Mother, boyfriend, grandfather, may you not take years, even doctors visits are rare diseases - short. Delight us with their enthusiasm and zeal morning jogs and evening gatherings with an accordion. Stay as long as possible so steady and strong, we love you too.

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