Birthday wish for wife sms

Birthday wish for wife sms


Miles my wife! I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday - with your Happy Birthday! Let your life be serene and happy, filled with joy and smiles! And I will do everything necessary for that!

Honey, remember when you and I were young, we loved each other madly! We were happy then! It has been many years, we raised your children, and I still love you! Perhaps even more than then! And may this festival bring to your life great happiness! Happy Birthday, dear!

I'll bring you coffee in bed with a bouquet of daisies field, together we remember how were young! Our kids come running, Zatseluyu you give your gifts! And I'll be happy to see the joy in your eyes! Honey, sweet! I congratulate you with Happy Birthday!

My dear wife! On this holiday, I want to wish you a huge field of daisies, not for divination, and to your life was just as white, clean and soft, and will always be next to you! Happy Birthday, my darling!

Miles my wife! Let your life be bright as the picture of the young artist, cloudless sky in a sunny day, stormy, as spring creek, beautiful as a bouquet of red roses, well, like a small, gentle kitten! Happy Birthday, my dear!

I remember your white dress on the day of our wedding! You were the most beautiful bride! Like angel descended from heaven! Although, for me, you always angel! Angel, who made my life incredibly happy, filled it with gentleness and goodness! Happy Birthday to you, darling!

Precious is my wife! Thank you for what you are in my life! Because you live with me side by side -O- so many years! Because you smile and laugh, and I enjoy it! Thank you for all that you do for our family! Remain the same as always!

Favorite my sweet, sweet! You filled my life with joy and warmth! You made ??her happy! When I see your smile, I forget about all the problems and difficulties! You - my happiness! Stay is always so gentle and smiling! And years make you only the best! Happy Birthday!

On the day of your birth, my favorite woman, I want to bring you words of love! Let your life illuminated by the rays of happiness! Please always so sweet and kind, let your gentle words and sweet smile warm the hearts of your family and friends! Do not worry that the years fly like birds. Your beauty every day becomes brighter and more attractive. The more I recognize you, the more I understand what a blessing to live close to you! Be always joyful and happy! I love you! Your husband.

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