Best birthday greetings to my Mother

Best birthday greetings to my Mother


This significant date -55!
Today we look at you and do not stop to wonder and marvel at - as connected to this woman bright talent, femininity, independence and strength! You are and have always been close to his guiding light that helps confidently go on the road of life. We love you too, Mom

So it's your 75th anniversary!
Gentle and caring you always homemaker, support and secure the rear of the family. All my life you gave labor, education of children, taking the baton you continue you started. We admire your sincerity, willingness to share the warmth and affection. And you, who influence the body and comfort in the house, child welfare, we want to wish, above all, health, happiness and optimism. Live long! Swim in love adult children and grandchildren. Remember: you really need them!

55 - the beautiful age,
velvet season of life. No wonder they are two of five in a row - perhaps someone up there, put a high estimate on perfectly intervening years. All major difficulties and vicissitudes of life is over, the emphasis placed, priorities identified, estimates put - two five! It's a great age, it wisdom, beauty and strength, and in front - only the best. 55 - not age, is the peak of life, the top of which, at a glance, shows all lived, experienced, and what is beautiful, what should aspire. So wish health for many years to come true is desired and planned!

Happy anniversary!
Dear mother! I know - being a mom - it's the hardest work without holidays and weekends. I am eternally grateful to you for what you are doing so well this work. You do everything to grow a decent and educated man. How much work and patience to do this! Mom, you're the best in me. I wish you good health, vitality, good humor, more joyful and bright days. I love you!

Our favorite mums!
Congratulations to you on the anniversary! I sincerely wish you to live many more happy days you good health, warmth and love that you are always proud of us! We love you too and appreciate! Happy anniversary, Mom!

Dear mother!
You, a sincere, happy and incredibly attractive, I welcome the anniversary of 50 years! Let everything that has not come true in life - come to pass in that day! Let love and joy burn your eyes, but the heart does not leave the light sparkling with happiness! Let all the gifts that life brings you, will only desirable and important for you!

Congratulations on your 80th anniversary and we want to express our immense respect and admiration! You look great and, despite advanced age, your eyes still glowing beautiful young fire! You yavlyaeteicz example for us, we pay tribute to a sincere respect for your wisdom and life experience, hard work and love of life. We admire your energy, strength of will and interest in life, the ability to enjoy every day and enjoy every moment. I heartily welcome with a wonderful anniversary and wish a long and happy years of friends and relatives. Health, happiness, caring and family warmth.

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