Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom


Thanks for that mom mother mother's love that you gave us life. Thanks for being covered from harm and saved. Know, my mother is now helping to protect you and our turn came, we will warm you with love and attention. Happy anniversary you!

Mom! I give you this rosettes and wish you always so delicate as the petals of roses! Let blush pink adorns your cheeks and thorns not touch your delicate fingers! I wish you bloom and dissolve beautiful spring buds! March 8 you, Mom!

Mom! I congratulate you with the most heartfelt and touching holiday! Please accept my warm congratulations! I wish you to be beautiful and healthy, kind and caring, kind and gentle! For every day you shine with happiness and joy! March 8 you, Mom!

Dear, dear mother and our mother! Heart of the fiftieth anniversary welcome you and sincerely wish you happiness, health, luck, success! If you have wrinkles appear, let just laughing! And tears - the only happiness!

Soft, sweet, beautiful and lightest woman on planet earth! You are my sun, my air, my solid ground, my confidence in the future, my main man! I heartily congratulate you on holiday! Let Your life fun and easy babbling brook of transparent beautiful wildflowers, and filled with the scent of herbs and breath of the forest!

Dear Mom, let your day be sunny, beautiful, and just let the roses will be paved your way. For a woman - nature embodied in you all the wonderful, wise and eternal, and beauty and grace. In his eyes I know your simple sincere soul.

Dear mother! You are my golden sun, my singing bird, my most precious treasure! Your kindness and tenderness to me and others, boundless as the universe! Understanding and patience akin largest expanses of the desert! The power of love over the field of gravity! Thank you for all the good which you generously give me every day!

Mom! As you now happy glow eyes! I heartily wish you this spring day much affection, warmth and kindness! May all your dreams come true! Happy mom!

Mom! I remember as a child in New Year's Eve at our tree I always found gifts from Santa Claus! I always wondered how Santa Claus sensed my desire? ! I grew up and I know that you were this good Santa Claus. But the feeling of magic in the New Year forever remain in my heart, I believe - miracles do happen!
Mom, I want Santa Claus fulfilled my most cherished desire: that you were always there with me: healthy and happy! Happy New Year, dear! I love you!

My dear mother! Maybe I do not often devote attention to you, but that does not mean I do not think about you. Maybe I do not often help you, but that does not mean that I do not want to. Maybe I spend more time with friends than with you, but that does not mean that they are more important for me than you. Maybe I do not often say this about you, but I love you. On March 8, my darling, I love my mother! Thank you for what you have!

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