My grandfather birthday sms

My grandfather birthday sms


Wish good and dear grandfather birthday to view has always been warm and sparkled with love, that smile never left your face. I wish you pobavyty even their great-grandchildren. I wish you good health and excellent appetite. May you be as hero. I love you, your granddaughter.

Who's the most fun and cheerful? This is our grandfather! Who's the most kind and genuine! This is our grandfather! Who's the most intelligent and wise? This is our grandfather! We are proud of the fact that no matter what you are, we like that! Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you do for us!

Golden hands, wise words, wise thoughts, good eyes ... It's all about our favorite dedulechka! You always stay for our benchmark real man! After you with head held high you go in life! Let your health will always be strong! Happy Birthday to you!

Dear Grandpa, today Your Day, Your holiday! We are proud of you, thy merits and deeds! You respected man, a good example to follow! I wish you good health, happiness genuine, sea, good luck and continued good luck! Happy anniversary!

Time periods youth behind many young people do not even realize what was in those years when a person needs all the courage and fire in the heart in order to save your house, save a family, raise children. Therefore, we, the youth, can learn from the elderly! Your family and close all welcome you to yet another birthday, dear grandfather, live and be happy every day, all young at heart!

Dear grandpa!
I wish you a happy birthday and wish you remain the same cheerful and lively. And wish you health for many years, that thou mayest tell their grandchildren, as their time and me wonderful stories and tales. I remember them still. They taught me kindness and optimism. Happy anniversary, Grandpa!

Thou art our support! Wise and reliable person who will always help, support and give reasonable advice! So live as many years -many schastilivyh care and love! Receive Happy birthday to your grandchildren!

Dear Grandpa, I congratulate you on the anniversary and I want to tell you: Grandpa, I'm proud of you, I know how strongly you love me. I want you always been healthy and less you know doctors, smiled and gave me their tips. I love you!

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