Happy birthday wishes

Happy birthday wishes


(Name of the Lord), greet you a happy birthday! We wish you success, good luck, conquering all heights, love, family safe! Be strong and good! May the joy and kindness that you gift, you return to words of gratitude and love!

It is believed that birthday - a celebration of childhood. Is this true? For each live a year - is the experience, some achieve and conquer another vertex. No need to be sad! Immerse yourself in childhood and remember - this is an important day - you came into this world and made many people happy. I heartily congratulate you on your date and wish many heights. And of course - simple human happiness.

(Name of the Lord), I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you a warm mood, joy, peace, kindness, good health, luck and love! Stay always so kind, thoughtful and considerate! Let my wishes come true!

(Name)! We welcome you heartily and wish you good health and eternal cheerfulness, happiness and promised untold riches! Good mood and well-being in all matters! Happy Birthday!

I wish this holiday never ended, and let all the troubles and sorrows you pass by. I wish you great happiness and devoted and loyal friends, health, success and bright sunny days. Let your life be nice and clean.

Be happy, although it is sometimes not easy, either loved, because love will always save us from all evils and troubles. I wish that kind of love you met on your way, but to you it was able to examine closely and do not let it out of their hands. From birthday you!

Let life eyes sparkling with happiness, because happiness looking for all the people he let you enjoy it and it will not leave!

Birthday wonderful holiday! Now we wish, perhaps, the main things in our life: health, success, luck and love. Let these components will make your life brighter and more positive!

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