Happy birthday mom sms

Happy birthday mom sms


Good fun to celebrate your birthday! And be all the same this year! I wish you knew sorrow, misery. To fortunately not leave your house.

Mom, I wish you luck. To you left the bad weather, so you always have a healthy to you every day was exciting, new!

Mom, just that far, but you're always in my heart, and my heart is always with you. My Heart's Birthday, let this day be good and happy.

Mom, stay young. I want to be by your little daughter with a doll in her arms, and now I have with your granddaughter. Not old, happy birthday.

Mamula, you are very good, most fashionable and cool mom. We often call her friends. It's great! Happy Birthday, friend - my mother!

My mother, my dear mother! Happy Birthday to you, dear! Not pain, not worry about the past, and thy years now pride for us, your children and your grandchildren for comfort. Today you have the same mother, and we are your children.

Mom, thank you, dear, for fun childhood my patience by sleepless nights, by invisible tears for the love that you gave me. Because that taught me to love. Happy birthday, dear!

Dear mother, I want to wish that your tender heart never cry in pain, and your head light pamorochylasya only joy and happiness. You're the best in the world, Happy Birthday!

Mom, you're very kind and gentle man in the world. You are my angel, without which I can not live! Stay always the same young and cheerful. Happy Birthday!

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