Birthday greetings for grandmother

Birthday greetings for grandmother


Our grandmother is so young - only 85!
Respect for cheerfulness and optimism, love for good luck and generosity of soul! Congratulations on the best holiday of the year, we wish you health and all the very lovely!

Dear Grandma, wherever fate not abandoned us and how far we are away, but your birthday we are always in a hurry for you to visit, to congratulate you and wish this holiday great care, warmth, longevity and feel the warmth of your cozy and home.

Grandma's Birthday!
You I have such a good, kind and wise, I envy all friends. In all that I can, and have a piece of your life experience, and I'm so pleased! Today I want to wish you - be the happiest in the world, let him always and still have the strength, and let each day brings you joy!

Only 50 years of our grandmothers!
We wish wisdom, kindness and generosity. To health did not allow failure. The mood was always on top. The family shall be the warmth and comfort. Without you we like without hands!

Grandma our own, alone. We would like to welcome you whole family on his birthday. We wish to live a long, full and happy life as confident to walk through life and never get sick. Do not lose shape and beauty and be always on top.

No person dearer to me and closer than you, Grandma! Today, the day you were born I heartily congratulate you on this wonderful holiday. I want to feel great, do not succumb to the blues, not to hurt, laugh often, be loved, and most importantly healthy and full of energy! I love you very much!

On the day 55- anniversary, we wish our grandmothers:
Let accumulated experience and wisdom will reach new heights!
Let come true innermost desires and aspirations to continue the good things are in your life and prymnozhatsya moments of joy, love and optimism.
We wish good luck, success and inspiration were faithful companions in all endeavors, and health and well-being - in everyday life.
Perseverance and patience in dealing with daily tasks! We love you!

Love Grandma warms and protects like a prayer! I always need good boards and kind words. And be sure to restore all full because my gratitude knows no bounds! Take care, dear!

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