Best happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

Best happy birthday wishes for boyfriend


Happy Birthday, my friend! I wish you love women and male power, more "Franklin" in the pocket exceptionally hot summer holidays, life sweet, salty sea, cold mind, hot hugs, and of course to have your children were rich and happy parents!

Dear friend! Birthday greetings and catch huge lot of wishes! Let you in life will be more good finds! To find a beautiful wife, not to the idea - it's just a treasure to all acquisitions were discounted, and that you are always lucky for bonuses - and in stores, and destiny!

Happy Birthday, my friend! I wish you massive invasion let your personal finances territory occupying large, cool cars, fashionable buildings, beautiful skater! And so to you all his life and lived in occupied happiness!

My dear friend, my congratulations to you on the birthday. May you live on one salary - but this salary was at least presidential! To Bill Gates in the money you have borrowed, and Dolce and Gabbana have you consulted fashionable this season! And that shall not stopping there was a real downpour of "green American UAH", fulfilling all your whims!

Get predictions for today: You'll find an evening with friends and family, ocean fun, gifts, and most importantly - unlimited consumption of alcohol, and are expected tomorrow morning headaches. And all because you have a birthday today. Happy, friend!

Well, that's it's your birthday, druzhban! Yes, there is certainly one drawback - age, Bratkov ... But there is one huge and undeniable advantage - we note this holiday so that definitely will remember his many, many years (and probably not only we, but also your neighbors ...). So happy birthday, friend!

In the world we are alone and very difficult to find someone who will be your companion, and if you are found of - no, cherish these people. Losing a lot easier than finding and friends that phrase fits as well as possible. I wish you true friends and sympathetic friends!

Man peculiar sense of teamwork, and on who is next to you largely depends on your luck. I wish you such friends, along which you will grow yourself spiritually and physically, which always stretch a helping hand in trouble!

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