Birthday wishes for beloved one

Birthday wishes for beloved one


Just think! Last thy Birthdays, beloved, I was just a friend and now - your favorite! Now I kind of look at the holiday on the other hand ... Today I'm not a guest, but the mistress of your house and want to make a holiday memorable, because you, though adult, but happy birthday like a boy! I wish you, my love, always, to a hundred years, to keep it a fun and easy attitude towards life, their confidence and let your friends more often deserved praise you!

My beloved, my dear, I wish you happiness I wish! May you never suffer to grieve that shone. I want you always been as cheerful and happy as at this day.

You, darling, my sun that shines from heaven to me. I love you and wish you a happiness that you just sang. To rejoiced life, as I'm glad when you're with me. To a healthy and strong you were. For you were always with me.

My beloved, I greet you a happy birthday. I wish you happily live its new year. To health, happiness and success always go along with you. I want you gave her a smile and never missed.

Now you're not with me, my beloved. Of course I remember what day. This is the day you were born, your and my holiday too. Shlyu you my passionate kiss and a little jealous you in your work.

Beloved, you spread your nets and waited patiently. And today is your birthday, I welcome you with a catch. I will not hide and I confess that I caught you. Your Goldfish.

Happy birthday, darling. I tell you this every year and the end of life will say: "Beloved's Birthday," because I know it will be so.

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