Happy Birthday Best Guy Friend

Happy Birthday Best Guy Friend


Health to you good mood excellent, young glow in the eyes of many, many days to come! Let your life will develop well, and thou shalt go away with any difficulties! Let the love you close, jealous enemies and respected friends! May God grant you prosperity, large and wonderful work! I am for you - the mountain!

In the Caucasus, there are many ancient legends about friendship. I'm not going to repeat them. Because they are not our friendship. Our legend, my friend, we are with you live. And that it will also be legends. Because there is nothing in the world stronger and more reliable than your shoulder, there is nothing more truly and more than your hands. And there is nothing faster and better than your support. I do not like big words. And you they do not like. But today - a special case and a special day. Today - your birthday. I congratulate you, my friend, on this holiday. Good vigor and health, fortitude and determination. Good good, light and great luck. Let the house dominates the system, in the heart - youth, and the soul - peace!

Dear friend of ours! Congratulations to you happy birthday! Believe me, today we are really happy and very worried. Congratulate a man is not easy. Thou soul of our company and its brain. Are you ready to share with friends all that you have, and can give us for the latest. In all our endeavors, you always become instigators and are taking a hit on him. And what can I say! All our words somehow fresh and meager in comparison with your actions. We wish you remain the same - cheerful, generous, brave, intelligent, glorious our friend! Happy Birthday!

Dear friend, welcome you on his birthday. I will not wish you all that you have wished and wished others. I want you to learn to appreciate what you have, and thus be happy. When you realize how important it is that you have, you will be ready to accept new gifts of fate. Be sure it does not poskupytsya if will know that you have appreciated the fact that she gave you. Only those who know how to appreciate getting themselves generous gifts from the Life and Destiny. For such people, they exchanged for trifles. Remember that. Appreciate all-natural ones, movable and immovable, corporeal and spiritual. Even the words that I say to you today, turning your attention to the fact that life is beautiful, your life is beautiful.

Here come the long awaited holiday - a time of fun and high spirits. Today, a friend, your birthday! I wish you extraordinary health and strength of spirit that will overcome all life's obstacles. To the garage was very cool car, and next has always been a beauty girl. Let everything in your life is just the way you want it. I wish you three things - good luck, money and unlimited love girls, and, of course, good luck to you in everything! Remember, I am always ready to help in difficult times, you may in all things I expect, because for this purpose and there is a strong male friendship. So let's also note that your birthday so that he is remembered for a long time!

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