Beloved wife birthday greetings

Beloved wife birthday greetings


I congratulate the 30th anniversary of his beloved wife;
which gives me warmth and joy every day. How can I thank her? Maybe to give the ocean of tenderness? Or sea of happiness? Or maybe both? No, she deserves better, I'll give it to you! Happy birthday, my dear, you will accept is this gift?

My earthly happiness, my dear wife, I'm so lucky with you. You know, generally I often thank God for this gift for you, because you're my wife! Sun's Birthday, heartily congratulate you. You are my miracle, you just do not stop looking! I wish for you all the best, and I want to create a paradise for you! Because for me, you're an angel. You are my happiness! And deserves only the bright life! I wish thee to thy dear, never sad. A soul sing! Happy birthday dear!

Day more special for me than for you. At present most native born woman for me, my wife! On your birthday, I wish you only the best. You deserve everything you want! For I have no man dearer than you, because linking his life with you, I realized that you did not live in, and exist! You're my, my inspiration, my joy, my life! And what I say is, this is just one small thing expressed my feelings of what I feel for you! From birthday dear!

To me, you, the eighth wonder of the world, the sun at dawn, as the last breath of air. You're like a breath of life in me, you for me, Queen. And looking at your bottomless, beautiful eyes, I realize that no one in the world more beautiful you. For me you are! You're the perfect wife, and all that I do, I do just for you! I purchased a sense, having met you. And the point when you become my wife, changed everything for me! Happy birthday dear!

They say that people are not perfect. But those who said yes, probably just have not met my wife. After all, you're with me, really perfect! Unique, beautiful, charming and only mine! My ray of light! I wish you the way to all your dreams fulfilled, I will make this hard! After all, you're my meaning! I love you and will do everything to make you feel happy with me! You're my only desirable wife! Without which, I would have lived! Happy Birthday gold!

I do not know why and I was so lucky in life, lucky to meet you! You dear! Better wife just can not be! I want to congratulate you on the day you were born and say, I'm next! I will close anytime, anywhere, whatever happens. I close in sorrow and in joy. And the only way I can a little thank you, because you're my wife! Along with you, I'm happy unreal! I wish you inspiration in all undertakings. You're worthy because a paradise!

They say that when a person is born, unto him from heaven the Lord sends Guardian Angel who goes through life with him to his last breath. And not just talking, and protects us from any and all, and though we did not see this benefit, but clearly feel it in our soul. I join all the congratulations addressed to you, and I'd add that happiness is where there is goodness and happiness so you just provided. I wish you happy life, happy days, and a simple but pleasant happiness. Do not stop there, Move forward and believe, just believe, and definitely you will succeed. When a person is born, he is born with a special mission, which is to be completed within life, wish you understand what you donated life and live it with dignity, nothing to regret. Happy Birthday.

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