Happy birthday mom cards

Happy birthday mom cards


Let forget the sorrow, may always reigns in the house happy and relaxed atmosphere, let all your desires come true, let you bypass the trouble party! Mom, I congratulate you on your Birthday! Be always happy!

Mom, I congratulate you happy birthday! This day is always cheerful and important for me! But you always gave warmth and joy of a home supported pleasant atmosphere. Thank you all, stay as beautiful and fun!

Mommy, mother, happy birthday! I wish you great happiness. I love when you laugh when your eyes luchatsya joy. I will try not to disappoint you, I'll be a good girl.

Dear mother, I greet you a happy birthday and wish you good health. Let life give you joy and prosperity, let everything develops as you dream. I love you very much!

Mamula, my dear, you are my most native man and closest friend! I congratulate you with Happy Birthday and I promise that we must meet very soon. I'll come and we celebrate heartily.

Mom, we congratulate you on your birthday! I sincerely wish you good health, joy and warmth. Thank you for giving us your wisdom, love and care, they are invaluable and we are very grateful.

Happy birthday, my young and beautiful mother! I wish you success in your work and personal life, great happiness and more joy. May all your dreams and wishes are carried out as if by magic!

Happy Birthday Mom! You know I'm so pleased to welcome you, even tears welling! For me, today is a special day too. For if there were you and I would not have learned the beauty of this world! I do not know where to start. Just want a you to be happy! I wish you mom never hang nose. I want to make on your beautiful face, always shining smile! You gave me something for which I am grateful to you for life! Mom, this word merges the strongest love and patience unreal! You, my dear mother's birthday today! On this day, I want to apologize. Because rarely tell you that I love, but I really love you madly! Apologize for all the problems that you have with me there and that sometimes you have to cry with me! Happy Birthday my dear mother! I want to thank you for what you have always been with me! And because I have the best mom! Be happy!

Mom, Happy Birthday to you!
Let your soul dominates the warmth and comfort, let not thy light wrinkles concerning the good face, smile even been on the eyes! We are always with great love and warmth mention our house, you, our Mamus, your pies, and with bated breath each time you come back to home! We love you too, live longer!

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